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Live at Lums Pond

by Battleshy Youths

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Live recording from 8/2/11 at Lums Pond State Park -
Our last set with drummer Eric Wilkins ):


released September 6, 2011


all rights reserved



Battleshy Youths Newark, Delaware

A mellow blend of folk, Americana, and alt-rock from Newark, DE.

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Track Name: Dear Sarah
wrote you a letter a day for about two weeks then you let me know that my heart had already been broken
what's it like to travel 900 miles each way
to meet up in a place neither of us 've been to

tell me what you like
let me pay mind to you
while we drive I talk
and you make me feel
while we drive you talk
and I make you feel normal

wrote you a letter a day for about two weeks then you let me know that my heart had already been broken
what's it like to travel 40 miles each way
to meet up in a place we both know so well

with neither here
and niether there
what's it gonna be
will you please describe it to me

in greater detail, please
Track Name: South of the Border
Well it's summer time and the goin's fine
Gonna head on south down the red line
Ridin' this train wherever it'll go
Gonna see if we can get ourselves down to Mexico

It’s been three long weeks hoppin’ trains
Followed the Mississippi round to New Orleans
Fishin’ for some dinner haven’t eaten all day
Can’t buy a proper meal with nothin’ to pay

Hey hey, throw off your fears, be rid of your tears
Leave behind your pain as this train rolls on

Texas heat; New Mexico sky
Watching all them states as they fly by
It’s been a wild ride, I wouldn’t change a thing
Border’s comin’ up, c’mon let’s sing

Why are we here? It’s that same old question everywhere we go
Oh woah oh the only difference is we’re South of the Border
You can change where you go but it doesn’t change who you are
Track Name: Temporary
Loved his girl more than anything
Got him in some trouble when
He shipped off to school (he shipped off to school)
Writing got harder and fighting got louder
Happiness is like a whiff of a flower

Snow fell, opinions changed
Caught her off guard took her breath away
She said let’s try this one more time

One more beats no more which is what I’ve got
Green turns to gold turns to gray turns to dust

If all we have to show
For all this hard work
Is a bunch of electrons and binary bits
Then what are we really useful for?
Take control of your machine

Trust me
This life is only temporary
Track Name: Battle
It was a long, hard battle
Fought across two seas
And the sweet disarray, it suffers me to say
Brought me to my knees

The borders were crossed,
Too many skirmishes lost
Oh we can’t turn back now
When we were young
We’d never make mistakes like this

Paper castles made of thoughtless hearts and endless tomorrows
Youths shy of battle with their cardboard swords and slippery shadows

This is the hand I've been dealt this is the way I've always felt
Track Name: Down
Went down the water late last night
Got a 6-pack of nothing gonna fight this fight
With you,
Got nothin' to do

Drove down the water late last night
Got a free-ranging pickup truck and nothing to write
About you,
Got nothin' to do

Every time we sing the blues
Gotta keep it tight gotta make it you
Each time I see your shoes
You got two left feet whatcha gonna do?

Biked down the water late last night
Got a heart full of sorrow wanna fly a kite
Please do,
Got nothin' but you

Sailed down the water late last night
Got high hopes and my hopes let's make it right
Love you,
Whatcha gonna do?

Walked on water late last night
I was dreaming I was thinkin' everything just might
Be true,
Finally got you
Track Name: Two Hands
Even though I threw them all away
Those memories still haunt me today
Sunsets bright and starlit nights
Will never be regained
It's been a slow train coming towards my home
I'm stretched thinner every day

Two hands can only do so much
But you do have to do that much

Sail around the bend my friend
We’re worn in but not worn out yet
Wearing so many hats for far too long
Confused about your own identity

Even though I threw them all away
Those memories still haunt my dreams
Sunsets bright and starlit nights
Are gone for good
Track Name: Call Me
It's a catch-22
Involving just me and you
And everyone else in our lives

Stop this verbal abuse
Who knows what I'll choose
To stay or to go
Run fast or run slow

If you need anything, need me at all
Don't be afraid, no don't be afraid to call
Call me

It’s that time of year, throw off your fears
And do something new, forget what you thought you knew
You gotta have heart to sing
You gotta let your soul take wing

Hunt and gather night and day
Don't be afraid to lose your way
Track Name: We Bid You Goodnight
Lay down my dear brother, lay down and take your rest
Won't you lay your head upon your savior's chest,
I love you, oh but Jesus loves you the best
And we bid you goodnight, goodnight, goodnight